After banning predominantly green away and third kits starting this season, Italy’s Serie A has introduced a raft of new rules pertaining to uniforms.

According to Calcio e Finanza and, the new uniform regulations will technically be on the books for the 2023-24 season, but will only become mandatory for the 2024-25 season.

The new rule that might have the most impact is one that states a club can only have one striped kit per season. This means clubs like Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan who have traditionally worn stripes at home won’t be able to carry that motif over to away or third kits.

Clubs will also be required to have one “dark” and one “light” kit between their home and away kits. If the home kit is dark, the away kit must be light, and vice versa. What exactly “dark” and “light” mean is unclear at this point, as is how this would affect a club like Juventus that traditionally wears black and white stripes at home.

The new regulations also stipulate that each Serie A club will have a monochrome kit option where the shirt, shorts and socks are all the same color.

Along the same lines as the one-striped-kit rule, another new regulation stipulates that if a club’s home kit is striped, checkered or has some other type of special design, their away kit can’t contain any of the same colors, except for details.

ACF Fiorentina in their 2022-23 away kits. (Courtesy @CalcioFinanza / Twitter)

Clubs will also be required to have three kit options available for goalkeepers so that clashes can be avoided.

In addition, Footy Headlines reports that Serie A has banned gold, silver and fluorescent names and numbers on kits in their 2023-24 uniform regulations.

The regulations stipulate that names and numbers “must be of a single color and must be clearly distinguishable from the color of the background on which they are placed (light on dark and vice versa). They must also be readable even from considerable distances by spectators in a high stadium or in front of a large TV screen.” They also state that “[a] ‘contrasting’ profile/outline with the color of the shirt (not tone on tone) must be provided.”

Metallic gold names and numbers, like those pictured above on France’s home kit in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, are banned in Serie A under new kit rules. (Courtesy The Mirror)


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