The United States quietly broke a record in 2022.


Last year, was the deadliest year – on record – in police killings and most of the victims were Black, according to the statistics. Law Officials killed no less than 1,183 people in 2022, according to website Mapping Police Violence. This means police killed more than three citizens per day right here in the U.S. of A.

Not surprising, the victims of this violence were disproportionately African American or Black, according to the study. The fatal incidents were no just shooting deaths either. People could’ve bee shot, tasered, beaten or retrained to death. This nonprofit has managed an ongoing a national database of cop killings since 2013. The number of deaths could go up, if additional numbers are added. The report was last updated on December 31.

2022 had 31 more police slayings than 2021. Law enforcement officers killed 1,152 in 2020; 1,097 in 2019; 1,140 in 2018; and 1,089 in 2017, per Mapping Police Violence. Black people in America represent about 13% of the overall population, but were three times (25%) as likely to be slain by law enforcement compared to white folks. The numbers are startling because cases like George Floyd created awareness, boycotts and general pushback in 2020.

 On top of it all, many of the fatal situation did not actually involve crime. Many people called in for a mental or welfare check and the result was death. Other deadly situations started as traffic stops. And a high percentage of those murdered by cops were domestic disturbances or purely non-violent instances.


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