Blueface and Chrisean Rock‘s volatile relationship hit another low on their reality show Crazy in Love when Rock allegedly hit Blue in the head with a Hennessy bottle and later removed the glass from his scalp.

The latest episode of Crazy in Love debuted on Sunday (Jan. 8). New footage from the show shows the aftermath of Blueface allegedly being cracked over the head with a Hennessy bottle by Chrisean. In the clip, Chrisean is scraping her fingernail next to a large gash on the back of Blueface’s head. The rapper winces in pain.

“I’m getting the glass out,” Chrisean tells the “Thotiana” rhymer.

“You can’t just rip it like that,” he replies.

“I’m not ripping it. I’m getting it out,” Chrisean responds. “I’m ’bout to go and get a vacuum. But I didn’t want to be that rough.”

Chrisean then goes to get a vacuum while Blueface stares off into the distance and appears to contemplate life. “Why are you like this?” he asks.

Blueface, Chrisean and the Zeus Network have no issues showing the couple at their highest levels of toxicity. In the episode on Sunday, Blueface insisted on calling Chrisean a bitch despite her opposition during a strange conversation. The debut episode of the show featured Blueface getting into a bloody fight with Chrisean’s dad.

Of course, violence is nothing new to the couple. Last summer, they were recorded fighting on a Hollywood, Calif. sidewalk. Last month, Chrisean shared a photo of Blueface with two black eyes, which she gave the rapper.

See Video of Chrisean Rock Trying to Remove Glass From Blueface’s Head Below

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