Future‘s 2015 hit song “March Madness” is definitely a fan favorite among his supporters and one Hendrix fan loved the Tarentino-produced track so much that his girlfriend sang the song at his funeral.

On Tuesday (Jan. 10), video of a woman doing just that went viral on social media. In the clip, the woman appears to standing in the pulpit of a church.

“We used to be in the club singing this song together. Now, I gotta sing it without you,” she somberly says in the clip. After pausing to gather herself and receiving support from the congregation, the woman begins reciting the Future lyrics.

“Dirty soda in a Styrofoam/Spend a day to get my mind blown,” she rhymes. “Dress it up and go to NASA/Two hundred miles on the dash/Gotta roll a pound up and gas it/Switchin’ lanes in a Grand Rapid/We the ones that kept it cool with all these niggas/’Til these niggas started actin.'”

After finishing, she receives applause and walks offstage. After making its round online, the video has gotten a lot of response on social media.

“If I had passed in 2015/16 y’all would have seen my homies singing march madness at my funeral too, she’s so real for that,” a Twitter user posted.

“Likeeeee why are you rapping March madness at a funeral while ppl hollering take ya time,” someone else tweeted.

“Y’all better sing march madness at my funeral,” another person posted.

Future’s “March Madness” appeared on his mixtape 56 Nights. The song has since reached double-platinum status.

See Video of Future’s “March Madness” Being Sang at a Funeral and Reactions Below

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