A creditor sued Janet Jackson for allegedly not paying her former business managers.

According to The Blast and Radar Online, Creditors Adjustment Bureau filed a lawsuit against Janet Jackson in an attempt to collect a $238,593.88 debt. The creditor said the singer owes money to David Weise and Associates for a business management deal signed in 2017.

Janet Jackson’s lawyer Ronald Richards responded to the accusations in a statement to Radar Online. Richards claimed his client settled the debt years ago.

“We have been working with a distant former manager who referred a bill to collections that was resolved years ago due [to] some errors that were made with [Jackson’s] account,” Richards asserted. “If the case was assigned for collections and they are suing as the assignee, they will be in for a big surprise as the claim is past the statute of limitations and was resolved years ago before the firm was bought out.”

Richards planned to pursue a cross-complaint against the management firm on behalf of Janet Jackson. The lawyer downplayed the lawsuit, speculating the firm went to collections based on “weak claims” in an effort to avoid expenses.

“This looks like one of those cases as they were talking to me recently and when they couldn’t respond to my inquiries and questions, it looks like they gave up and sent it to collections,” Richards said. “Janet Jackson pays all of her vendors and holds them to a high standard of care. She will not pay for managers that do not perform according to the contract or have charged her for fees improperly.”

The creditor is seeking $238,593.88 plus 10 percent interest. The alleged debt was due in February 2021.

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