The Reds might not be sporting much red at home over the next couple of Major League Soccer seasons if a photo of Toronto FC’s new home kit that surfaced online Wednesday turns out to be real.

User gbpackers25 posted the photo to Reddit’s MLS subreddit Wednesday afternoon. It shows a Toronto FC kit on a retail rack, though the original poster didn’t provide any information about when or where the photo was taken.

It shows a Toronto FC-branded kit with light grey and dark grey hoops across the front, with the shade of grey matching those found in TFC’s crest. Narrow red stripes run along the top and bottom of the dark grey hoops.

The raglan sleeves on the jersey in the photo are red, while the collar and Adidas shoulder stripes are dark grey.

Based on the sizing information printed inside the collar, the shirt in the photo appears to be a youth replica version. That would explain why it doesn’t have some of the trim around the collars and sleeve cuffs seen in other MLS kits this year and on Adidas kits at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

But it does have an “All for One” logo in the jock tag position, on the lower left front of the shirt. TFC had a similar logo on the jock tag of their previous home kit, introduced in 2021.

Left: The jock tag on the shirt seen in the photo leaked Wednesday. (Courtesy u/gbpackers25 / Reddit)
Right: The jock tag on Toronto FC’s 2021-202 home kit. (Courtesy @TorontoFC / Twitter)

The jersey in the photo matches up somewhat with a photo taken at MLS media day last week, in which a grey top appears to be poking out from beneath TFC forward Lorenzo Insigne’s jacket.

Courtesy @JonahNHenderson / Twitter

Toronto FC opens its 2023 MLS season on February 25 when they visit D.C. United. Their first home game is on March 11 when they host the Columbus Crew.

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