The 2023 NHL All-Star Game will have a very 90s vibe next month.

Thanks to a few early listings courtesy of eBay user Target0007, we’ve got a great look at what to expect when the best players from the NHL’s four divisions take the ice in Sunrise, Florida, for their annual 3-on-3 tournament.

Carrying over the Reverse Retro 2.0 program, Adidas and the NHL are bringing back the style of uniforms worn during the All-Star Game from 1994 until 1997. In true Reverse Retro fashion, while the logos and striping remain the same, things have been recoloured to give the throwback threads a fresh new look.

The original Western and Eastern Conference logos are back, recoloured to match the South Florida theme of this year’s game, as is the NHL’s mostly forgotten alternate black and orange rounded puck logo of the 1990s. As is the case with all Reverse Retro jerseys in 2022-2023, the NHL’s current shield logo appears at the collar with orange in place of silver.

The Eastern Conference jersey is black with the giant star striping style trimmed in teal and pink. The base of the jersey with white. This black-white divide carries over to the back of the jersey, just as it did in the ’90s. The original Eastern Conference All-Star jersey from this era was predominantly teal, so it’s nice to see that return in this version of the design.

NHL Eastern Conference All-Stars uniform, 1994-1997

Moving over to the Western Conference, the same star style is used but re-coloured to be white with a teal base, black and pink separating the two:

Again, the conference logo has been recoloured, where the Eastern logo added teal to the outside, the Western goes with pink.

Back in the day, the Western Conference All-Stars were purple and black:

NHL Western Conference All-Stars uniform, 1994-1997

There are two big questions we won’t have answers to until the official release, which should be coming very shortly.

  • What’s the plan for if two teams from the same conference meet up? Is there an alternate version of each of these jerseys for each conference?
  • Please, oh please, tell me they’ll be wearing their individual team logo on the shoulders, as they originally did back (or, to drive home the Reverse Retro point a little more, how about each team’s 2023 Reverse Retro logo instead?)

The NHL All-Star Game is the perfect event for the league to have fun with their uniforms, I think it’s fantastic they chose to do what they’ve done here for 2023. Though, I still hold out hope that one day, some day, we’ll see the original black and orange uniforms for an All-Star Game.

Stay tuned for the official release for more details.

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