The Rolling Stones, now … on TikTok!

The legendary rock band has officially joined TikTok (@TheRollingStones), giving users the opportunity to utilize the band’s full music catalog on the app for the very first time. Also joining on an individual basis is frontman Mick Jagger (@jagger), who follows guitarist Keith Richards (@officialkeef) onto the platform; Richards launched his account in December 2021. Going forward, all three accounts will feature exclusive behind-the-scenes content from the band’s live performances, studio recordings and more.

The inaugural posts from the band’s newly launched account on Thursday (Jan. 18) feature rare archive video footage as well as a callout to fans to perform, move and dress like the Stones. Fans can also listen to a brand-new guest playlist, curated by the band, that features 44 hit songs from their catalog, including “Start Me Up,” “It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll (But I Like It),” “Miss You,” “Angie” and “Beast of Burden.”

To celebrate the account’s launch, TikTok will introduce the official #TheRollingStones hashtag, allowing creators to share their best covers and remixes of Stones songs on the platform. Prior to the band joining the app, the hashtags #TheRollingStones and #RollingStones racked up more than 500 million views combined, according to the company, inspiring instrumental covers, “finish the lyric” challenges, Richards appreciation posts and Jagger vocal impressions, among other content.

Not merely icons of a bygone era, The Rolling Stones remain in high demand after more than six decades. Their most recent tour, a 14-date European run last summer, grossed $120.8 million from 712,000 tickets, according to figures reported by Billboard Boxscore.

All Rolling Stones tracks are now available on the TikTok Sounds page.

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