Doja Cat is known for thinking outside the box when it comes to her look and the “Woman” rapper recently turned heads with a peculiar outfit she donned during Paris Fashion Week.

Many rappers are in Paris taking in PFW, which highlights the haute new clothing of the year. Doja Cat was spotted in an ensemble that has her trending on Twitter. On Monday (Jan. 23), photos surfaced of Doja in the City of Light rocking a bubbly red outfit that made her stand out. The Grammy-wining recording artist has on a skirt that appears to be made up of a bunch of red bubbles/berries, matching red calf-high boots and a red shawl. She took the look to the next level by creating the same bubbling effect all over her skin with red rhinestones, including her entire face and head.

Of course, the look had the internet talking, with mixed reviews.

“This is the lobster / this is the doja cat,” one person on Twitter captioned a photo comparing Doja’s look to the marine crustacean.

“If it’s one thing doja cat gonna do during fashion week is use her brilliant mind followed up with an amazing team to create looks that go beyond just your regular beat face and outfit. each look comes with a lot of thought and for that I appreciate her looks ALWAYS,” another person captioned previous Doja Cat looks.

Doja Cat is never worried about appealing to beauty standards when serving a look. Always fully committed to the fashion,” another page posted.

“Watch the conspiracy theorists say that Doja dressed as the devil to complete her illuminati ritual,” one post on the topic read.

Doja Cat has been making headlines for her atypical fashion choices. Last summer, she shocked many people by shaving her head and eyebrows. Last month, she responded to people saying her new look is a humiliation ritual.

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