Billboard Presents The Stage at SXSW is taking over Austin, TX once again for three nights of star-studded concerts. Ahead of the jam-packed week of festivities, Billboard has tapped rising rap star Armani White to curate a playlist of the most fun tracks created by artists performing at the annual music festival.



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See latest videos, charts and news

As you know, White is best known for his viral track “BILLIE EILISH,” which earned the Philadelphia native his first-ever entry on the Billboard Hot 100. As a buzzing artist with his finger on the pulse of what’s fun and trending in the music landscape, he has curated the perfect playlist for SXSW attendees looking to discover the next big acts in music, with inclusion from fellow buzzing acts to genre staples. 

Scroll on below to see White’s favorite tracks from artists on the SXSW lineup and click here to learn more about Billboard’s star-studded line-up set to heat up Austin. It all goes down this weekend at Moody Amphitheater at Waterloo Park. Tickets are currently on sale.

“Mortal” by Baby Rose 

“It’s been a really long time since I’ve heard a deep voice from a woman that carries so much weight and gives you chills. This is the first Baby Rose song I ever heard and I still go back to it.”

“Conceited” by Flo Milli

“I keep telling y’all Flo is my favorite female rapper. She walked on this jawn from start to finish!” 

“Off Deez” by J.I.D. 

“This is still one of the craziest back and forth records in the past few years. It felt like an iron-sharpen-iron moment on wax with JID and his big homie Cole sparring with each other.” 

“Golden Hour” by JVKE

“JVKE knows how much I love this song. And we’re both in the class of TikTok records that completely took over 2022 hahaha”

“Let’s Start Here” by Lil Yachty 

“Yachty’s whole album was crazy. My favorite artists became my favorite artists when they took risks so when I heard the way he switched it up on this album I was sold.” 

“Still” by BBno$

“Bbno$ makes every song sound so effortless. Like he was on the phone and said hold on real quick; freestyled a whole song, then went back to his conversation.” 

“Drizzy Draco” by Maxo Kream 

“Bro if you could hear me screaming this record in various settings, you would understand. I be feeling like I’m Maxo when this song comes on hahaha”

“Hang Loose” by Ric Wilson

“Ric always finds a dope way to blend soul music with modern production. This record is another example, especially when they sing Happy Birthday at the end, Sheesh!” 

“Don’t Play With It” by Lola Brooke

“Aint too much to say about Lola and this song that hasn’t already been said, but i’lI reiterate this one thing… Women are RUNNING rap right now! And she carrying for Brooklyn heavy right now.” 

“Fast” by Sueco

 “I know this is super different from his new music now but… This song is heavy still to me haha. It still reminds me of the 2019 EARLY internet rap and hyper pop era” 

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