As the 2022-23 season hits its homestretch, the Premier League and Nike have launched a new match ball for the final third of the season.

The new ball was first used over the weekend, starting with AFC Bournemouth’s 1-0 win over Liverpool on Saturday, March 11. It’s a new version of the Nike Flight model with a new colorway that will “launch the competition into a new dimension,” according to the Premier League’s website.

It features red and purple X markings with offset black markings overtop. The Nike logo is black, with a 3D effect.

The first Nike Flight model used this season featured gold, red and navy blue markings inspired by the balls used during the first Premier League season in 1992-93.

The second Flight model was used through the winter months and featured a yellow base for maximum visibility along with teal, pink and purple markings.

All three Flight models feature Nike’s Aerowsculpt ball technology, with molded grooves “to disrupt airflow across the ball for less drag and more stable flight.” They also feature All Conditions Control technology for a “grippy texture in both wet and dry conditions.”

The new Nike Flight model retails for £124.95 on Nike’s British online store.

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