When a star is born, grab your sunglasses and step out the way.

Kate Cosentino, a 23-year-old talent from Kansas City, shone bright when she stepped onto NBC’s The Voice stage Tuesday night (March 14), for her Blind Audition.

It was a starry performance, judge Niall Horan would go on to say. He should know when he sees one.


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See latest videos, charts and news

Cosentino covered Dionne Warwick‘s “I Say a Little Prayer,” doing so in her own pace, stripped down, and with an electric guitar. Though her outfit screamed “clown couture” (her words), Cosentino’s played with no fuss, going with a finger-picking jazzy style, and without overriding effects.

Kelly Clarkson turned first and led a domino effect, as Chance the Rapper and Horan swiftly fell for her charms.

“Amazing,” Chance said at the wrap. “You got such a cool vibe to you.” The hip-hop star paid tribute to her “full voice” which carries a “lot of joy that comes out of it.”

Clarkson moved. “You have such a pretty alto register,” said the country-pop star, “kind of like lullaby-ish. You really could go so many places.”

And with that, the sales-pitch was on.

Horan didn’t muck about. He opened strong: “Would you like to be on my team?” Her choice of song was an indication of high quality and standards. “You could go all the way. You’ve given us this really really famous massive hit that’s really tough to sing. There’s an already-made star in there. You’ve got this Italian confidence.”

Will this star being a shooting one, will it go supernova, or light the canopy for years to come

We’ll wait and watch. In the meantime, Horan will guide the artist into the next phase of the talent competition.

Watch below.

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