Chlöe Bailey is just weeks away from reintroducing herself with her debut solo album, In Pieces, and on Thursday (March 16), the singer revealed the stunning album cover.



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In the photo shared the Twitter, Chlöe is seen with red hair, dressed in a Victorian-style blue dress, holding her heart in her right hand. In another post, the 24-year-old star opened up about what inspired the cover art and the rest of her upcoming album.

“I saw a photo of a porcelain doll 3 years ago, holding her heart just like this and from then, I said this will be my album cover… that same day I also wrote heart on my sleeve,” she recalled. “The beginning of a scary and exciting journey for me. This cover represents so much for me, down to the color of my hair. When I had red hair 1.5 years ago, it was one of the darkest times in my life. That’s why I never wore it again.”

Chlöe added that after healing and working on herself, she has learned to find “beauty in the pain” that encompassed her. “I find the beauty in my flaws and how in actuality, that’s what makes me perfect,” she shared. “I find beauty in all of the cracks that show people I’ve been broken down before, because I’ve gotten up every time. I wear my heart as my armor.”

She concluded by sharing how she hopes In Pieces will connect with her fans. “In Pieces is for the ones who behind closed doors are breaking and don’t know how much more they can take,” she wrote. “In Pieces is for the ones who hold the people up around them while barely holding themselves. In Pieces is for the people who continue to get stabbed in the back, heart broken by the ones they thought they could trust, but STILL that doesn’t change their heart and how they love. In Pieces is for the ones like me, who wear their outer shell so well that you’d have no idea what they’re going through.”

The singer continued, “I hope this project brings healing to those who listen, as it’s been completely therapeutic for me and I can’t wait to share my heart with you, literally.”

In Pieces is set to arrive on March 31 via Parkwood Entertainment/Columbia Records. Chlöe has already released two songs from the album, including “Pray It Away” and her Chris Brown collaboration “How Does It Feel.”

See the album cover and inspiration below.

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