More than half a century ago, Oregon’s Highway division, in consultation with the United States Navy, tried to remove the carcass of a 45-foot sperm whale that had washed ashore on the beaches of Florence, Oregon, by blowing it up with dynamite. The predictably terrible consequences became the stuff of legend, as chunks of whale flew more than 800 feet, and crushed at least one car.

Just today, the High-A Eugene Emeralds announced today that they will commemorate the memory of the whale by playing four games this season as the Exploding Whales. The team unveiled branding and a uniform set that features a snickering whale holding an oversized stick of dynamite.

“An alternate identity is more than just using a different logo for a day,” the team said in a statement. “It’s about embracing an idea and completely changing the team’s identity. From jerseys to stadium decor, it’s a complete overhaul of what fans have come to expect. It helps bring awareness and draws attention to the identity, which can be used to help bring positive change. The Emeralds had a great experience working with the city on creating this incredible alternate identity, and we hope this will bring recognition to the great city of Florence.”

The Exploding Whales will take the field April 22, May 6, May 26, and August 19.

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