Money Man says he doesn’t need security because he runs and shoots at the gun range everyday.

In a video interview with Montreality, which premiered on their YouTube channel last Wednesday (March 22), Money Man was asked about his health and security. The Cleveland rapper said that he doesn’t need security because of his daily routine that keeps him alert and active. Money’s regime consists of running 10 miles a day and then hitting the gun range to shoot his gun for four to five hours.

“Routine makes you, um, it makes it kind of makes perfection so if you if you train them for something you do it every day you’re gonna become elite at it,” he said at the 7:06-mark in the video below. “So my routine every day is wake up run 10 miles then I go shoot for four or five hours.”

Then I go back to the crib and I record every day,” he continued. “So I try and keep that routine. I turned out shows just to keep my routine going.”

“I don’t like having security like grown men having to secure me,” he added. “So I’m gonna make sure I’m on point at all times I work on my senses all kind s**t like that.”

That’s an interesting routine. Hopefully, 6ix9ine is taking notes.

Oddly, Money Man doesn’t explain why he was wearing a pink furry ski mask during the interview.

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Author: Trent Fitzgerald
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