DaBaby is being called a liar by a fan after he turned down her offer for public oral sex following a recent performance.

On Sunday (June 4), DaBaby hit the stage at Hot 97’s annual Summer Jam in New York where, from all accounts, he put on crowd-rousing show. However, after the event is when the fireworks almost happened when a female fan voluteered oral services to the North Carolina rapper as he was leaving.

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In video from the incident, DaBaby is seen walking underneath UBS Arena where Summer Jam was held. The rappper is walking with an entourage when a woman approaches and offers to orally pleasure DaBaby in front of everyone.

“Pull it out. Can I suck it right now?” the woman asks in the viral video below.

DaBaby goes to reach in his pants but has a change of heart. He then says something to the woman before briskly walking off with his security.

The woman, who apparently goes by the handle most_hated_mara _ on Instagram, later went on social media and called DaBaby out for denying her the pleasure of servicing his sweaty package for all to see. Sharing a video of the incident post-rejection, she captioned the clip, “Da baby played so hard everything he rap bout is cap cause he ain’t let me throat baby s**t.”

She also tagged multiple blogs in the post.

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