If imitation is truly the sincerest form of flattery, then Lily-Rose Depp is loving everything Chloe Fineman is doing. The star of the controversial HBO music biz drama The Idol proclaimed herself a big fan of the master SNL impressionist’s take on the series’ chain-smoking, micro-bikini-wearing protagonist, Jocelyn after Fineman posted a killer clip sending up the show’s dark vibe.

“I’m loling ???? ….. and ur makeup looks bomb,” Depp wrote in comments on a clip Fineman posted on Thursday (June 8) in which she mocks Jocelyn’s copious cig-smoking habit and the (spoiler alert) final image from the pilot of the troubled pop star’s head enveloped inside a red scarf.

“My audition for THE IDOL (must have got lost in the mail),” Fineman captioned the clip she made in the midst of the Hollywood writer’s strike that has put SNL — and everything scripted in TV and movies — on ice. “Music should sound like a slut, or a whore,” Fineman says in her finest disaffected vaguely Valley Girl accent as Jocelyn while puffing on four skinny cigarettes and wearing a frilly red robe in a sharp send-up of the show’s firmly male-gaze vibe.

“Anyway, I met this guy last night, his name is Tedros… he was dressed in a bat cave, but I think he’s gonna, like, change my career,” Chloe-as-Jocelyn confesses about The Weeknd‘s (who now goes by his given name, Abel Tesfaye) creepy, duster-wearing cult-leader character in the HBO series that debuted last weekend.

In a brilliant spoof of the final scene from episode one — in which Tedros convinces Jocelyn to put a red scarf over her head, secured by tying a belt around her neck as a prompt to find her truest, sexiest voice — the mock Tedros says, “now sing like you can f–k!”

That’s all the motivation Fineman needs to belt Cher’s “Believe,” while polishing off four more smokes and doubling down on the Tedros’ mandatory sex quotient, saying, “music should sound like it’s poly, or bi… like music doesn’t have a gender, it just f–ks, you know?” She then screeches Natasha Bedingfield’s “Pocket Full of Sunshine” and Jewel’s “Hands” from beneath the scarf before slipping into something way less comfortable — Jocelyn’s barely-there bikini — for a hilarious run through the choreo for “the song I hate.”

As promised, Tesfaye — a co-creator of the series — dropped two more songs from its soundtrack on Friday (June 9), Jocelyn’s vapid-on-purpose, good-girl-gone-freaky single “World Class Sinner/I’m a Freak” (aka the song she “hates”) and the ominous score piece “The Lure.”

Those songs follow on the heels of “Double Fantasy,” featuring Future and produced by Mike Dean and “Popular,” featuring Madonna and Playboi Carti.

Watch Fineman’s video and listen to the songs below.

Gil Kaufman
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