Drake was filmed mentioning A$AP Rocky in an unreleased song with Lil Yachty over the weekend.

On Saturday (Sept. 2), a Snapchat user who goes by Tristian Hankey hopped on Snapchat and secretly recorded some short videos from Drake and Lil Yachty‘s unreleased music video, which is directed by Lyrical Lemonade founder Cole Bennett. The first clip, however, drew attention due to Drake namedropping A$AP Rocky in his and Yachty’s upcoming single. Over the clip, which can be seen below, Tristian Hankey wrote “Ever seen drake filming music video unreleased music in ridge with yachty?”

In the recording, Drake rides around in a car that’s decorated with Christmas lights and drops rhymes that reference the Harlem rapper.

“I ain’t pretty Flacko b***h,” Drake raps. “This s**t get really Rocky.”

The next video below finds the Snapchat user hiding behind a tree and recording another scene from Drake and Lil Yachty‘s upcoming music video. Yachty’s verse can be heard playing in the background while Drake and Lil Yachty vibe to the record.

Later that day, Drake hit up his Instagram Story and seemingly confirmed the collaborative music video by posting a since-deleted picture of Cole Bennett. Bennett hinted at the upcoming visual on Twitter as well. In a tweet, which can be seen below, he typed an owl and lemonade emoji with the sentence “coming soon.”

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Drake and Lil Yachty‘s last collaboration was in March of 2020. Yachty enlisted Drizzy and DaBaby for his single “Oprah’s Bank Account.” The song finds the three rappers comparing their other half’s good looks to Oprah Winfrey’s bank account.

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Hear Drake namedrop A$AP Rocky in his forthcoming single with Lil Yachty below.

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