Lil Reese is facing serious black for harassing a man sleeping on the street.

On Tuesday (Sept. 5), a since-expired Instagram Story originally posted by Lil Reese began to circulate all over social media. In the video clip below, Lil Reese and his friends can be seen strolling down the street before coming across a man who is sleeping on the street. As the Chicago rapper films himself and his crew approaching the individual, things take a turn for the worse.

“Get his a*s, get his a*s,” someone off-camera can be heard saying as Lil Reese keeps the camera rolling. “Put that b***h on his head. F**k him.”

From there, someone with Lil Reese decides to dump a drink all over the sleeping man’s head, which is met with laughter from the group.

“Don’t do that, man,” the unexpecting man on the street yells. “That ain’t right, man.”

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As a result of the tough-to-watch video, Lil Reese is being blasted left and right for his actions. The universal response from most social media users is that Reese is way out of pocket. While some express utter shock at how Lil Reese and his friends were treating the man, others are warning the Chicago native that there may be negative karma headed his way.

“That Was Lame Bosses Don’t Do That Should Have Put Some Hundreds In His Pocket And Told him Clean Yourself Up And I Give You A Job,” one Twitter user wrote regarding Lil Reese.

Another added: “It’s bozo behavior this would be enough to not like an artist for me but I’ve never liked Lil Reese anyway besides whenever he’s on a Chief Keef song.”

“Just saw the video of Lil Reese pouring his drink over a sleeping unhoused man’s head,” a commenter replied. “Universe, do ya thing.”

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XXL has reached out to Lil Reese for an official statement on the matter.

Check out the video of Lil Reese harassing the man sleeping on the street and the heavy backlash he’s facing about it below.

See the Backlash Lil Reese Is Facing for Harassing Man Sleeping on the Street

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