Doja Cat recently showed up on Instagram wearing a neck brace and explained what happened.

On Wednesday (Sept. 6), Doja Cat hit up Instagram and uploaded a picture of herself wearing a neck brace, which can be seen below. In the caption of the post, however, the rapper assured her many followers that she’s still doing well despite the undiagnosed fracture.

“I’m fine,” Doja Cat penned underneath her Instagram post. “My neck is fine.”

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Later that day, the 27-year-old rapper gave people a background story of the neck brace picture she shared on Instagram during an appearance at Victoria’s Secret World Tour 2023 in New York, N.Y. While speaking to an interviewer from Entertainment Weekly, Doja Cat revealed that she wasn’t injured at all. In fact, the neck brace belonged to her date, who opted to be camera-shy. The clip can be seen below.

“And I’m surprised we’re not seeing you with a neck brace tonight,” the interviewer said to Doja Cat before inquiring about her recent picture on Instagram. “What gives with that Instagram post? You said you were fine. But.”

Doja coyly responded: “So my friend here, my date, my lovely date, got whiplash. He takes it off sometimes. So I stole it from him.”

Afterward, the Los Angeles rapper reiterated that she was perfectly fine.

On Aug. 31, Doja Cat logged into Instagram and revealed the release date for Scarlet alongside the album’s artwork, which has since been changed because it drew too many similarities from the cover of metal band Chaver’s new project. Scarlet will debut on Sept. 22.

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Look at Doja Cat rocking a neck brace below.

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