Chinese NCT sub-unit WayV‘s members talk about how they see themselves as a global group, the upcoming music their fans can expect from them and more at KCON LA 2023.

Tetris Kelly:
Hanging out with WayV guys at KCON now. The good thing about KCON is it also has so many other ethnicities and stuff here, so how’s it to be Chinese in the K-pop world?

Oh, I think we will call us, like, global group because we do sing in Chinese, in Korean, English and like possible, like all the language, too, if we get a chance too. Yes. But it’s very nice because we get to, like, learn different culture, and then get to sing different languages all around the world. Yeah.

Tetris Kelly:
And I don’t want to, you know, blow your head up or anything, but I’ve talked to a lot of fans today and a lot of people out there are excited to see you guys. So how does it feel to be performing in front of fans that are so ready to see you?

I feel like because it’s our first KCON ever, so the fans look forward a lot to us, and also, we prepared a lot of crazy stages today. So I hope our WayZenNies nice love it, and also, like, for other people who don’t know us yet. I hope you guys enjoy our show too.

Tetris Kelly:
And then, what can we expect from new music from you guys?

So we are preparing our new, like, full-length album very soon this year. So I hope you guys can listen to our new song because like this, like album, like the concept, and like the sounds are different from the last one, so I feel like guys gonna, like, love it.

Tetris Kelly:
Well, we can’t wait to hear thank you guys so much for speaking with us!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Watch Billboard’s interview with WayV above.

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