Boosie BadAzz says he will no longer be eating at Waffle House after a cook refused to chef up a potato the rapper brought from home.

On Sunday (Sept. 10), Boosie shared a video on Instagram displaying his displeasure with Southern-based dinner Waffle House following an unfavorable encounter at one of the restaurant’s locations.

“I’m a Waffle House person,” Boosie explains in the video below. “But, last week, I got into it with the cook at Waffle House. He tried me. Everywhere I go, I leave a $100 tip or more. So, I asked him…I brought a potato from my house. I say make me some breakfast potatoes. All he had to do was chop it up and make me some breakfast potatoes. He said, he couldn’t do it. I say, ‘You can’t do what? It’s a bet, I won’t be back.'”

Boosie adds, “They get paid $2 a hour, I leave a $100 tip every time. I brought a potato from my house. He ain’t want to make me breakfast potatoes. I say, ‘I’m done with you. You ungrateful.'”

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This isn’t the first time recently that Boosie has tried to go against a company’s protocol for his advantage. Back in June, the Louisiana rapper became upset after he was refused entry on a kid’s ride at an amusement park in California.

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See Boosie‘s wild rant about Waffle House below.

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