Blueface has revealed that he sneaked to do a DNA test on Chrisean Rock‘s son and claims he’s not the father.

On Saturday (Dec. 9), Blueface jumped on X, formerly known as Twitter, and revealed to his followers that he secretly did a DNA test on Chrisean Rock’s son and discovered that he’s not the father of the child.

“Tell me why I snook an swab this baby dna test results came in….iam not the father smh [person facepalm emoji][.] “It’s a bitter sweat feeling cus I was coming around to it but definitely in my best interest [prayer hands emoji] thank you Jesus [smiley face emoji],” Blue posted on his X account, which can be viewed below.

“I can’t even pretend like im not happy as hell,” he added.

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This news comes after Blueface recently accused Chrisean of leaving their child with a friend so that she could go out and meet up with another man. Blueface hopped on his Instagram Story last Sunday (Dec. 3) to call out Marsh, a friend of Rock’s who was allegedly watching their son, Chrisean Jr., while Rock was out with one of her suitors.

“It’s crazy my son ain’t got no parent at four in the morning,” Blueface said with his son in his arms as he got into an Uber. “Nobody wanna watch him. She got Marsh, she got Marsh watching the baby at four in the morning so she can what? Get some d**k? Do a verse? F**k a n***a?…All this so you could do a verse? Suck some d**k? You a boonk b***h.”

Chrisean would later claim that Blue allegedly attack a woman, described as a babysitter, who was watching Chrisean Jr., which left the victim with bruises.

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Take a look at Blueface’s tweets claiming he’s not the father of Chrisean Rock’s son below.

Blueface tweets that he got a DNA test on Chrisean Rock’s son.


Blueface writes that he got a DNA test on Chrisean Rock’s son.


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