Joe Budden wants Cam’ron to try to sue him for defamation for Melyssa Ford‘s false accusations.

A snippet of a video from the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast features Joe Budden daring Cam’ron to sue him for defamation over Melyssa Ford’s false allegations that she made on the show. In the clip, which surfaced on social media on Saturday (Dec. 9), Joe emphatically stated that he’s in solidarity with Ford and will not engage in a back-and-forth with Cam or any other podcaster. Instead, he’s going to take the high road and not engage in the bickering.

“I think every one of you n***as is goofy,” Joe said in the video, which can be viewed below.

“I take the high road because I’m not engaging with none of you n***as out there,” he continued. “I don’t do back-and-forths with none of you n***as out there. I don’t do responding.”

In response to Cam’ron, who threatened to sue Joe over Ford’s false allegations that he and Ma$e allegedly engaged in sex with underage prostitutes, Joe further added that he stands with Mel “on all fronts” and the rest is just “shenanigans.” He encouraged the Harlem, N.Y. rapper to sue if he thinks he has a case.

“You think you got a lawsuit, call your lawyer,” challenged Joe. “You got enough lawyers. I think they’ll advise you against it. And I don’t think n***as papers is long enough for frivolous lawsuits that they don’t have a chance on winning.”

“Call your lawyer and look up what defamation means,” he added. “I’m not doing this s**t with you n***as out here. You n***as are trying to play algorithm games and I’m not here for none of it.”

Joe Budden concluded that no one on his podcast plays “clout-chasing games.”

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Joe Budden’s remarks are in response to Cam’ron who called out Melyssa Ford for slandering his and Ma$e’s name on TJBP by insinuating they had sex with underage prostitutes. In his Instagram video, the Dipset leader was addressing the former model for her comments regarding a segment she watched on the duo’s popular sports podcast, It Is What It Is, where Cam told a story about him and Ma$e having a threesome with a sex worker at a brothel back in the 1990s.

“Is there a distinct possibility that there may have been underage girls in that whore house?” Ford asked on TJBP episode.

Although Ford apologized for her remarks, Cam was not having it and slammed her for disparaging his name. He also called out Joe Budden for not editing out Ford’s slander in the episode. In the end, Cam’ron warned that he’s thinking of suing Joe and his podcast for defamation.

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See Joe Budden challenging Cam’ron to sue him for defamation following Melyssa Ford’s false allegations.

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