In a leaked zoom video, Travis Scott and Tennis icon John McEnroe get into a heated argument over the name of their Nike Mac Attack sneaker collaboration.

On Saturday (Dec. 9), a video surfaced on social media featuring Travis Scott in a Zoom meeting with Tennis great John McEnroe and other Nike executives. In the clip, McEnroe, who is known for his fiery temper on the tennis court, is furious that Trav does not want to change the name of their Nike Mac Attack sneaker collaboration from Cactus Jack, which is the rapper’s lucrative brand, to Cactus Mac for this one occasion.

“God damn it, Travis. Jenny is right, okay, let’s have a little bit of compromise,” Mac yells in the video, which you can watch below.

Although McEnroe is trying to convince Travis of the name change, the Houston rhymer is adamant about not changing it to the suggested name.

“Cactus Mac was never a thing,” La Flame tells the panel on the Zoom call.

“C’mon man, show a little respect, this is my shoe!” McEnroe retorts.

“I’m not really feeling it, something is off. It sounds like a burger,” Travis responds.

After a brief back and forth, McEnroe has had enough and leaves the Zoom call in a huff, much to the dismay of the Nike executives.

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Back in June, Nike announced the revival of John McEnroe’s signature shoe called Mac Attack. Enlisting the creative mind of Travis Scott, the two men teamed up and brought the shoe to life for a much-deserved homecoming.

The sneakers arrived in a white, light silver, and black colorway, featuring a mesh and leather combination, just as McEnroe debuted them in 1984. Additionally, a commercial was filmed showcasing the retro sneaker starring Trav and McEnroe. The ad can be seen below.

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Check out Travis Scott and John McEnroe going at it over the name of their Nike sneaker collaboration below.

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