6ix9ine’s girlfriend, Yailin La Mas Viral, was arrested after videos surfaced showing her attacking the rapper.

According to a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office’s police affidavit, 6ix9ine’s girlfriend, Dominican rapper and singer Yailin La Más Viral, was arrested on Thursday (Dec. 14) on various charges including aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, battery, property damage-criminal mischief and obstructing justice.

NBCMiami.com reported that Palm Beach deputies responded to a domestic disturbance call on Friday (Dec 15). The victim, 6ix9ine, told deputies that he and his girlfriend, Yalilin (born Jeorgina Guillermo-Diaz), had been arguing throughout the day because she believed he had been looking at other women.

6ix9ine added that he tried to leave so they could “cool down” but that’s when she started to hit him in the home’s driveway, the report said. The Brooklyn-born rapper alleged that his girlfriend grabbed him by his hair then kicked the driver side mirror of his Bentley vehicle and breaking it. 6ix9ine also alleged that Yalilin broke the car’s gear shifter and shattered a windshield as well.

When 6ix9ine tried to call 911, he alleges in the police report that Yalilin hits him with a 2×4, knocking the phone to the ground.

However, Yalilin told deputies that 6ix9ine had wanted to go to a recording studio but she didn’t want to go, but couldn’t leave because he had her money, passport and phone, the report said.

She said she became upset and “decided to kick the driver’s side mirror and hit the windshield to cause him financial hardship because he would not give her money or her passport,” the report said.

Yailin was arraigned on Friday on the assault charges and was released on $9,000 bail. The video of the singer’s arraignment and the media chaos outside once she left the courthouse can be viewed below.

Yailin’s attorney, Lorenzo Perez, told NBCMiami.com that he expects the charges would be dropped.

“This case will be resolved in a positive way, I’m sure, especially when the victim in this case, Mr. Hernandez, is asking the prosecution to drop the case, and he’s also here waiting to make sure everything’s going smoothly for my client to be released,” Perez said.

Yailin La Más Viral’s arrest comes after 6ix9ine posted several videos on his Instagram Story on Thursday (Dec. 14) of his girlfriend attacking him. In one clip, it appears Yailin confronts him with a knife as she is yelling at him. In another segment, the rapper is filming her damaging his car. In another video, Yailin is holding a 2×4 and as 6ix9ine approaches her, she hits him over his head with it.

You can view 6ix9ine’s video below.

Watch 6ix9ine’s girlfriend’s arraignment on assault charges and leaving the courthouse below. Also, take a look at 6ix9ine’s videos of his girlfriend assaulting him below.

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