If you don’t have New Year’s Eve plans, you do now.

In the final hours of 2023, Apple Music is hosting a dance-extravaganza livestream featuring sets from Honey Dijon, Peggy Gou, KAYTRANADA and a crew of other selectors including Apple Music’s Tim Sweeney, Brooklyn collective Papi Juice, French legend Laurent Garnier and more.

The stream was pre-recorded in a sold-out Brooklyn warehouse and will debut on Sunday, Dec. 31 at 7 p.m. PT exclusively through Apple Music and the Apple TV app. See a sneak preview of the show here.


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See latest videos, charts and news

 “A New Year’s Eve mix is a fresh start, we’re going into a new chapter,” Honey Dijon says in a statement.
“So I try to bring that sense of lightness, freshness, joy, renewal, and fun. I just try to really bring my culture and my sound. I stand on so many incredible shoulders of black queer people who have created house music, so I always like to teach, entertain, and bring joy.” 

“When it’s a New Year’s mix, it’s more of a celebration, you know, for getting through the whole year—whether it was hard or not, you have to celebrate making it through the year,” adds KAYTRANADA. “It’s a different approach than other mixes I do. The way I approach the mix tonight is to go toward more of a house direction.” 

The show will close with a set by Gou, whose “(It Goes Like) Nanana” was a huge 2023 hit. “I try to always go to my sets or my shows half an hour before to get the vibe and see how other DJs are playing, and I’m very sensitive to the crowd’s energy and I try to read that as much as I can,” says Gou, who will release her debut album in 2024.

After the stream is over, fans can stream the performances on demand on both Apple Music and Apple TV+ and listen to the sets on Apple Music’s DJ Mixes dedicated space.

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