6ix9ine no longer has to pay a $9.8 million judgment to a stripper after allegedly hitting her with a champagne bottle.

A Judicial circuit court judge in Miami-Dade County, Fla., has reversed a $9.8 million default judgment that was awarded to exotic dancer Alexis Salaberrios in November, according to court documents obtained by XXL. Additionally, the judge ordered that a receiver be discharged from moving forward with seizing the rapper’s assets.

Based on the motions filed by 6ix9ine’s attorney who accused Salaberrios of violating basic due process to submit proper legal documents to the embattled rapper in due time. Therefore, the case is still in litigation and Tekashi’s assets are safe for now.

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As previously reported, a receiver was appointed on November 29, 2023 to seize and sell the embattled rapper’s assets to satisfy an injury judgment for the victim. On the list was 6ix9ine’s 2022 Rolls-Royce Cullinan vehicle and his Palm Beach County, Fla. mansion.

This after Judge Robert T. Watson signed off on a judgment a week prior ordering 6ix9ine to pay Alexis Salaberrios $9,825,000 for injuries she sustained when the “Gummo” artist allegedly threw a champagne bottle at her head.

Salaberrios filed a lawsuit against 6ix9ine in February of 2021, alleging he struck her with a champagne bottle, causing a serious head injury. According to her lawsuit, on Feb. 20, 2021, the “FeFe” rhymer was alleged to have thrown a bottle at his detractors after someone in he crowd called him a rat. The bottle struck Salaberrios, but she was not the intended target. She added that her injuries led to a trip to the ER, where she received several staples to close the wound.

It looks like 6ix9ine can breathe a sigh of relief in this legal case, for now.

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