King Princess appreciates the culture of pop divas.

The “1950” singer (real name Mikaela Straus) was a guest on a recent episode of the Queer the Music podcast, where they opened up about accidentally meeting Christina Aguilera in the studio.

“I love when a pop girl is mean,” Straus said, before explaining that they were working on music with their friend Teo in Mark Ronson’s studio when Xtina accidentally walked in. “She saw us and was like, ‘Oh,’ and she walked out and I was like, ‘Oh my God, that was Christina Aguilera,’” they recalled


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See latest videos, charts and news

Straus and Teo then got up to leave, as it was time for Aguilera’s studio session with Ronson. However, the producer went on to introduce the duo to the “Genie in a Bottle” star. “Mark said, ‘Did you meet Mikaela and Teo?’ And [Aguilera] goes, ‘Yeah, I saw the children.’ That meant a lot to me,” Straus said with a laugh.

On Friday (March 8), Aguilera celebrated International Women’s Day with a powerful message on Instagram. “In 2024, we face challenges we never could have imagined. But in the face of adversity, we must stand stronger and fight harder. I look towards a hopeful future where my daughter’s voice will not just be heard, but truly valued and respected. Let’s continue to uplift and empower the women around us, on International Women’s Day and every day,” she wrote alongside black-and-white photos of herself leaning against a balcony ledge.

Watch King Princess break down the moment with Christina Aguilera below.

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