In the 50 years of hip-hop’s existence, there have been myriad rap album covers, ranging from the good, the badthe controversial and everything in between. While there’s been a sharp decline in physical album sales in the last decade, meaning most album covers are not tangibly owned, the cover art reveal remains a special moment in an album rollout and a big part of an album as whole.

With that being said, how many hip-hop album covers are stuck in your brain? Can you name one from one piece of the cover art? It is time to test your skills.

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Here’s how it works. We’ve cropped small portions of 20 hip-hop album covers and presented them below. In addition, we added some hints to help you out in case you get stumped. The albums range LPs released in the 1980s through the 2020s and include some major drops, independent releases to make it a little tougher. Some of these should be easy, while others will provide much more of a test to your hip-hop knowledge.

After checking out all of the teasers, scroll down to the bottom of the page to peep the answer key we’ve also provided and see how well you did. Then challenge a friend and see if you know more than they do.

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Test your knowledge of hip-hop album covers with this fun visual-based quiz below.

Can You Guess These 20 Hip-Hop Albums From One Piece of the Cover Art?

ANSWERS: Can You Guess These 20 Hip-Hop Albums From One Piece of the Cover Art?

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