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Although the Houston Texans won’t officially unveil their new uniforms until the week of the 2024 NFL Draft, which takes place on April 25-27, we may have captured our first glimpse at their upcoming road design thanks to a thread on Reddit.

We cannot confirm the legitimacy, but parts of the uniform suggest the leak is real, including the number (24 for 2024), number font – which features notches like the Texans’ wordmark on the chest – and the template, which is a modified version of Nike’s Vapor F.U.S.E. design.

A report from the Houston Chronicle also stated there would be four unique uniform designs rather than a repeat in various colors, including one that is traditional, another that’s an homage to H-Town Blue and one that’s “into this bull thing.”

The horn-like design on the sleeves of the supposed leak seemingly checks the “bull” box, while the lack of H-Town Blue on this specific design makes sense, as team television host Drew Dougherty said it will only appear on “some” of the uniforms.

Additionally, the Texans have never stated they’re moving away from Deep Steel Blue, as some people on social media believe. Dougherty simply said they would not see the exact uniforms they wore in their Wild Card win over the Cleveland Browns again.

The only thing that makes us hesitate when it comes to the leak is the horn-like design on the sleeves, as it doesn’t seem to match the curvature of the Texans’ logo. We’ll ignore the ill-fitting jersey, as it’s clear the person is simply a model and not a player, who would have it modified to their exact specifications.

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