Young Miko revealed five things you may not know about her music.

Young Miko:
Hey guys, my name is Young Miko and this is five things you probably don’t know about my music

Okay, number one, I write all of my songs with my producer, Mauro. He’s an amazing songwriter, not just a producer. I love him so much.

Number two, I think my drink of choice in the studio is wine. We like to have wine every now and then just to get the vibe going and that usually works.

My new single “Curita” just dropped. We recorded it in Electric Garden Studios in New York City and it was a super blast.

Number four, I like to have my friends in the studio, but then when it’s time to record, I kick everybody out because I’ll get nervous. Only Mauro and me in the booth.

And number five, I don’t have a specific way about how I write a song. It can go any way, I can come in inspired or it can be an old song I already have and switch it up. I just see how the day goes.

And those are five things you did not know about my music.

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