Last year, the High-A Winston-Salem Dash rebranded as the Hyphens on Salute to Winston-Salem Night. It was a response to a decade and a half of grammar nerds (myself included) pointing out that the piece of punctuation that conjoins Winston and Salem is in fact not a dash, but rather a hyphen.

A year later, the Dash unveiled another alternate identity for their 2024 Salute to Winston-Salem, the Hype Hens. While the 2023 Hyphens branding was about as minimalist as it gets, featuring a literal hyphen, the 2024 Hype Hens brand is a bit more demonstrative.

The logo features a frantic, squawking chicken, limbs akimbo and feathers flying. The vibrant color palette of cyan, red, and brown are a departure from the purple and black that the Dash use in their primary brand.

The Dash will install a 200-square-foot chicken coop that will house five chickens, one of which will be named by an online fan vote. Additionally, fans can sponsor a Hype Hen for $100, with proceeds benefitting the donation of chickens to Second Harvest Food Bank.

The Hype Hens will take the field May 10.

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