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Although he announced more than a year ago the Detroit Lions would get new uniforms this season, team president Rod Wood revealed this week they’ll be unveiled before the 2024 NFL Draft, which will take place April 25-27.

“I think everybody will be excited about it,” Wood told reporters gathered in Orlando on Monday for the NFL’s annual spring meeting. “I’m not going to tease it too much, but I’m really happy with the way it turned out. 

“It was a multi-year process that (chief communications and brand officer) Brian (Facchini) and (chief operating officer) Mike Disner really led. (They) worked with Nike and the league, and I think the fans are going to be really excited about it.”

Wood reiterated the Lions – who last overhauled their uniforms in 2017 but added a Honolulu blue alternate helmet to the rotation last season – will not be changing their Honolulu blue and silver scheme. There might be a few tweaks that allow for non-traditional combinations, though.

“They’re not purple. They’re not yellow and gold,” Wood said, referencing the Lions’ humble beginnings as the Portsmouth (Ohio) Spartans. “They’re honoring our traditional colors with a little updating and twist.

“It gives us a lot more options, too. We’re going to introduce a couple different pant options that can go with jerseys, so it will give us different options to wear during the season.”

The Lions have worn a “WCF” patch on their chest or left sleeve since 2014 in honor of late owner William Clay Ford, but – according to Wood – that will no longer be a prominent part of their uniform design, likely relegated to a decal on the back of their helmets.

“We’re going to treat that in a little different way,” Wood said. “I’m not going to tease exactly how it is. It’s going to be honored, but not in the same way it was on the current uniforms.”

The players’ reception to the new uniforms has been positive, with several taking part in a photoshoot earlier this month. The Lions are hopeful their fans have the same reaction when they’re unveiled, which sources have indicated to will be on April 18.

“I think they were all very, very excited about them,” Wood said. “We’ve got a few players who really care about uniforms, and those that do were very happy with what they saw.”

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