Ice Cube has gotten some flack from WNBA star Lexie Brown due to his recent offer to sign Caitlin Clark to his Big3 League.

On Wednesday (March 27), Lexie Brown hopped on X, formerly known as Twitter, to share her thoughts on Ice Cube’s recent $5 million signing offer to college basketball star Caitlin Clark.

“So no other women’s basketball player has came to mind in the last 7 years?” Brown tweeted alongside Cube’s initial announcement.

She added, “Instead of i don’t know, supporting the women’s league that already exists…let’s do this…in the middle of the NCAA tournament. This isn’t a dig at [Caitlin Clark] relax and support all women’s sports. I’m not arguing with any of y’all by the way.”

Brown then reshared a paragraph from TMZ‘s article covering Cube’s offer, in which Cube said he hopes his Big3 League can be another “professional option” for women athletes.

“This is why I said something,” Brown wrote. “He’s wrapped this in ‘support women’s athletes’ and y’all talking crazy about the WNBA.”

Despite the massive amount of cash in play, Cube said in an interview on the Pat McAfee Show on Wednesday (March 27) that Clark hadn’t yet responded to the offer.

“They have it and if they wanna sign it, we’ll be happy to have her play in the Big3,” Cube said.

This isn’t the first time Cube’s Big3 moves have come under scrutiny in recent weeks. On March 24, Cube came under fire after confirming his upcoming Big3 league season would be streaming on X. One fan said Cube was aligning with “a white supremacist,” referring to X CEO Elon Musk.

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See all of Lexie Brown’s tweets aimed at Ice Cube below.

Lexie Brown/X

Lexie Brown/X



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