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Drake Name Checked In City Of Chicago’s Lawsuit Against Gun Manufacturer

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Drake Name Checked In City Of Chicago's Lawsuit Against Gun Manufacturer

A lawsuit filed by Chicago against Glock name-checks rapper Drake as the intersection of gun control, corporate accountability, and Hip-Hop culture blurs.

Rapper Drake and Lil Zay Osama were named checked in a legal battle between gun manufacturer Glock and the City of Chicago.

A new lawsuit accuses Glock of contributing to a public nuisance by allowing their firearms to be altered into illegal machine guns, thus endangering the lives and well-being of Chicago residents. 

The city’s documentation cites lyrics from rapper Drake and 21 Savage’s song “Jimmy Cooks” as evidence of the cultural embedding of such firearms, enhancing their appeal and accessibility.

In his statement, Stephen J. Kane emphasized the gravity of the issue by noting the ill effects of modified Glocks, which have been “used to cause chaos on public streets and roadways” across Chicago. 

The City of Chicago argues that Glock’s marketing strategies and the specific design of their pistols facilitate these hazardous modifications, thus exacerbating gun violence in the city.

The lawsuit seeks decisive actions from Glock, including amendments to the pistol design to prevent such modifications and the introduction of clear warnings about the illegal nature of converting pistols into machine guns. 

The city is determined to mitigate gun violence and hold manufacturers accountable for their part in firearm distribution and modification.

The lawsuit is part of a more extensive debate over gun control and industry accountability in the United States, particularly in urban areas like Chicago, which have been plagued by firearm-related incidents.

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