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The Game Comes To Justin Bieber’s Defense Following Tearful Instagram Posts

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The Game has come to the defense of pop star Justin Bieber, who recently uploaded photos of himself crying to his Instagram page.

The rapper, who has experienced plenty of his own ups and downs, wrote on social media, “He’s human. Rich or not, man or woman… he’s a person. People go through things. These things sometimes trigger uncontrollable emotions. Allow him & others to be vulnerable no matter the state. What’s funny is the folks in the comments acting like they don’t have bad days, moments or s### don’t get thick. Weird world.”

Bieber’s emotionally-charged photos were part of a bigger cluster that included shots of himself performing and a close-up of weed. He didn’t provide any context to the post, although his wife Hailey Beiber did write in the comment section, “a pretty crier.” Fans of his, of course, were riddled with concern, typing comments like, “Justin, are you OK?” and “Your son and he seems to be in pain, I ask you to surround him with Your mighty arms & reveal to him that You are always near.”

But another joked, “Stop it, he’s crying because he just choked on that rip in the previous slide,” a reference to the pot picture.

Whatever the reason behind the Bieb’s tears, The Game clearly empathizes.

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