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Benzino’s Alleged Eminem Diss Ghostwriter Breaks Silence  

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Veteran battle rapper Ness Lee has come forward claiming he is the ghostwriter who penned Benzino’s Eminem diss “Rap Elvis.” 

Rumors that Lee was the mystery writer began after a video from the studio had been leaked featuring Benzino and Lee crafting the diss. However, Lee remained silent on the rumors until now. 

During a recent interview with Trap Newz Daily, Ness Lee confirmed he wrote “Rap Elvis” for Benzino but insisted he had nothing to do with dissing the late Proof on his earlier diss “Vulturius.” 

“I just wanted to do something historic,’ Less said, explaining why he agreed to be Benzino’s ghostwriter. “I felt like I could accomplish writing the greatest diss song toward Eminem. That’s all I wanted to do.” 

However, he’s unhappy the studio video leaked revealing him as the writer. “It was never supposed to be public that it was me. This is my first interview and probably my only interview about it,” Lee asserted. 

Nonetheless, Lee worries his reputation in Detroit may already be ruined because of Benzino’s Proof diss, despite him having nothing to do with “Vulturius.” Additionally, Lee called the late Detroit rapper “my big brother,” and claimed Benzino left his “rest in peace” to Proof on “Rap Elvis” on the cutting room floor. 

“He was eventually going to sign me back in ‘03,” he was the first person to show me love in the industry, battle rap or whatever,” Lee added. “I would never disrespect that man like that.” 

Ness Lee explained that he only came forward to clear the air following the aftermath. 

“I’ve been getting some concerned messages from some of my brothers from Detroit,” Lee explained. “I had to tell them that I had nothing to do with that one. I physically do not write that basic.” 

Benzino Rejects Ghostwriter Allegations

Meanwhile, Benzino denied having a ghostwriter during an Instagram chat with fans earlier this year.  

“This is Hip Hop, bro. I don’t wanna hear that ghostwriter s###,” he snapped. “Shut the f### up, bro. You mad because I’m spitting. I wrote that s###.” 

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