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50 Cent Reacts To Woman Claiming Lil Kim Dance Saved Her From Drive-By Shooting 

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50 Cent has been known to troll Lil Kim over her iconic dance moves, but he spared fans his slick commentary for once after a woman claimed the Brooklyn native’s trademark bounce saved her from a tragedy. 

An Alabama woman has gone viral after a video of her describing how she escaped a terrifying drive-by shooting by mimicking Lil Kim’s signature dance.  

Shariah Taylor explained to local news that she was outside her apartment complex when bullets started flying. She had to think quickly to protect her child from gunfire and save their lives.  

Taylor claims she bust out the Queen Bee’s famous bob-and-weave from the classic “Quiet Storm (Remix)” video to help her escape. 

“I hear pop, pop, pop, about 7 rounds,” Taylor said, recounting the WTVY. “So I’m dodging, I’m ducking, I’m dodging, I’m ducking, I’m dodging, doing my Lil Kim. I’m trying to get my baby in the car, then I threw my baby in the backseat and we just sped off.” 

Luckily Taylor and her child were able to flee the dramatic encounter, although she still feels unsafe.  

50 Cent shared a clip of the news report but passed up the opportunity to troll Lil Kim. However, he did see the funny side of the frightening encounter.  

“IM DOING THE LITTLE KIM !!!” he wrote in the caption before adding a laughing emoji. “LOL.” 

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Back in 2021, Lil Kim claimed 50 Cent was “obsessed” with her after he mocked her moves. Fiddy compared her dancing to the title character from the 1993 horror film, The Leprechaun

“Ur so Obsessed wit me this is getting creepy,” she wrote before calling him “lame” and “corny.”

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