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Really Bad Drake Rumors Around The Incident At His Home

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So, we all know there was a shooting at Drake’s house. How? Did he find the mole in his crew? Is his life spiraling out of control? Let’s back up for a minute.

First things first, guns are absolutely illegal in Canada. It is illegal for anyone, except the military and police, to own a gun. There may be some exceptions, but it’s a no-exception rule. This has been the case since 1977 due to a criminal law amendment. So, this is a big deal.

Secondly, here’s basically what we know: It looks like someone from Drake’s security was shot at the house. The speculation is that some rogue Kendrick Lamar fan did the shooting. But there’s no concrete evidence to back that up right now. On top of that, Drake’s address was splattered all over the internet, compliments of Akademiks.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, Drake could be in big trouble if he had anything to do with this shooting. Nobody knows yet! However, we can, in the rumor section of this website, speculate. First of all, some others have stated that this is a ploy to change the conversation away from the rap battle with Kendrick Lamar. It is almost unanimous that Drake lost the battle. Kendrick Lamar had other songs lined up, we pretty much know as a fact, and he did not even release those tracks.

So, back to the mole. Some are suggesting that perhaps Drake found the actual spy in his crew who was allegedly feeding Kendrick Lamar all that reported information about his personal life. There’s really no evidence to support that, but that’s just a theory someone stated to me. Did that mole shoot security? But there’s really (quite literally) no full-blown, clear-cut evidence of that either. Some have suggested that Drake’s life is simply spiraling out of control. Again, there is no evidence to support that either.

At the end of the day, nobody here really knows much about what’s happening in Drake’s life right now. But, this is a weird twist of fate that continues to add to the lore of this entire situation. I would love nothing more than for it all to disappear. The battle is over and we have a winner and it just needs to go away. Until then, keep in tune with the old Hip-Hop rumors! We keep getting ripped off repeatedly and other outlets are using this particular section as facts! Listen: I know that our section is hot and it’s also extremely close to what’s happening, but at the end of the day, it’s still rumors!

By the way, the internet has taken over!

Also, by the way, there is some evidence of Drake’s daughter? There is also something about a BOY out there too and a women is definitely talking affirmatively!

Anyway, here’s DMX stirring the pot from the grave.


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