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The Game Attempts To Drag Rick Ross Into Rap Beef

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The Game appeared to be itching for rap beef of his own amid Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s much-discussed battle. The West Coast rapper tried to provoke Rick Ross by trolling Rozay on Thursday (May 9).

Game shared an image depicting Ross wearing an officer’s uniform and running with a bucket of chicken in hand. The Instagram Stories post was the Game’s latest attack on Rozay.

Ross frequently voiced his disdain for Drake in recent weeks, gleefully reacting to Kendrick’s disses. The Maybach Music Group boss was one of the artists dissing Drake in recent months. Game was not a fan of Rozay’s antics.

“It be the fat n##### wit the skinny legs always running they mouth,” Game wrote in one post.

Ross ignored Game, leading to more antagonization.

“It’s quiet today,” Game wrote. “Wingstop must be closed on Mondays.”

Despite the Compton connection to Kendrick, Game seemingly sided with Drake in April. Ross released his Drake diss track “Champagne Moments” that same month.

“Crack smoke is the exhaust from my pen and pad/Ghostwriters, they get to floss what you could’ve had/Record label takin’ a loss, are you in your bag?/You a worker wanting to chart, don’t make me laugh/Get to mine, tell by my watch, this a different time/Living fine, I’m getting high as your s### decline/Who believes he moving keys in his Louis V’s?/Run up on you and snatch your chain, watch you b###### bleed,” Ross rapped.

Rozay repeatedly called Drake a “white boy” on the song and social media. Drake responded on “Family Matters.”

“Ross calling me the white boy and the s### kind of got a ring to it/’Cause all these rappers waving white flags while the whole f###### club sing to it/Murder scene on your man tonight, then come to the vigil with the candlelight/Body after f###### body and you know Rick reading my Miranda rights,” Drake rapped.

“Family Matters” dropped during a memorable weekend in Drake and Kendrick’s battle. Kendrick stole Drake’s thunder by releasing the diss track “Meet the Grahams” less than an hour after “Family Matters” arrived. Kendrick piled on by unleashing “Not Like Us” the next day.

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