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Kim Kardashian Went To Extremes To Cover Her Crotch At Met Gala

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Kim Kardashian needed to don custom-made underwear for the Met Gala.

The reality star explained that her elaborate dress required a particular pair of underpants to prevent wardrobe mishaps.

The base layer of Kim’s tightly cinched John Galliano for Maison Margiela gown was made of metal like a suit of armor – but from certain angles, it left the possibility of peekaboo gaps.

“The one thing about John is he’ll think of every last detail,” Kim Kardashian, 43, told Vogue.

“So, if you’re standing at the top of the stairs, but the photographers are at the bottom of the stairs, and they’re getting a glimpse up, and the skirt’s made out of metal and there’s little peekaboo holes within that, he wanted to make sure that I’m fully covered in the appropriate places.”

To head off the chance of a bad photo op, Kim wore a specially made pair of Margiela thong underpants featuring a print of the same floral design that appeared on her gown.

Kim Kardashian also explained that she had to walk on the tips of her toes, like a ballerina, for the entire red carpet.

“We really need the height on this look, so we gotta do what we gotta do,” she said.

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