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From Radio Waves to Vintage Fashion Craze: Gillette W.T.N Vintage Sets New Records in 2023

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San Francisco, CA – From radio waves to fashion trends, Gillette, a well-known radio host, curator, actor, model, stylist, and podcast host who has been captivating audiences on Jake Radio since 2012, has proven that his talents extend beyond the airwaves. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a keen eye for style, Gillette has delved into the world of vintage apparel and streetwear, setting up a successful online store named W.T.N Vintage.

A San Francisco native, Gillette’s journey from being a prominent radio personality to a rising star in the vintage fashion scene has been nothing short of remarkable. Leveraging his passion for preserving fashion’s past, he has created a digital haven for discerning fashion enthusiasts seeking top-notch vintage pieces.

At the heart of W.T.N Vintage lies a resolute commitment to rarity – a principle encapsulated by the store’s powerful motto, “We FIND it RARE, and KEEP it RARE!” Embracing the belief that every piece of vintage clothing tells a unique story, Gillette and his team diligently handpick only the most extraordinary and exclusive finds for their store.

From classic vintage garments to iconic streetwear, W.T.N Vintage offers an extensive collection that celebrates the timeless elegance of bygone eras. The store’s focus on one-of-a-kind items sets it apart from conventional retailers, granting customers the chance to own a piece of history that resonates with their individuality.

Gillette’s flair for entrepreneurship has proven to be a winning formula, as evidenced by the record-breaking sales figures achieved by W.T.N Vintage in 2023. The store’s rapidly growing popularity has attracted a devoted clientele, with vintage enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals flocking to the online emporium to acquire their very own sartorial gems.

“I have always been drawn to the unique and the extraordinary,” Gillette shared. “Through W.T.N Vintage, I aim to offer our customers an unparalleled shopping experience that transports them to the golden eras of fashion.”

Beyond his online fashion empire, Gillette connects with his audience on Instagram, where he operates under the handle @WhatsTheNameVintage. The platform provides a visual narrative of his vintage fashion journey, showcasing not only the latest additions to his store but also the stories behind each rare find.

With his innate ability to combine his radio hosting charm and his passion for vintage fashion, Gillette has emerged as an influential figure in both the entertainment and style realms. As he continues to curate a collection that resonates with authenticity and timelessness, the future undoubtedly holds promising opportunities for this multifaceted entrepreneur.

To join Gillette’s vintage fashion movement and explore the realm of rarity and elegance, visit W.T.N Vintage’s online store and follow him on Instagram at @WhatsTheNameVintage.

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