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Skepta Dreams Big: Sees Denzel Washington In Future Film Project

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Skepta envisions Denzel Washington starring in a future film installment of the “Tribal Mark” series, a prospect revealed during a sit-down interview with Variety.

The British grime sensation, whose real name is Joseph Adenuga Jr., has recently delved into filmmaking with his directorial debut, “Tribal Mark.”

The short film introduces audiences to Jude Carmichael’s portrayal of Mark, a character navigating the clandestine Black Secret Service.

Skepta himself steps into the role of an older Mark, embodying his transformation into the anti-hero known as “Tribal Mark.”

In his conversation with Variety, Skepta shared his ambitious plans for expanding the “Tribal Mark” universe.

He wanted to continue with a full-length feature and revealed his dream casting for an advanced stage in the storyline.

“I hope that the next thing is the feature film. I want to do the first one, and then I want to step back so I can let another Black actor come and do it,” he stated. “We would love to have a fast forward of Tribal Mark that goes into the future of his life, and it’s Denzel Washington. I’m shouting out to Denzel.”

Additionally, Skepta credited his close friend, actor Idris Elba, with providing valuable insights that significantly influenced the short film.

While he did not specify the exact advice, he highlighted that one of Elba’s suggestions consistently elicits a strong audience response during screenings.

“One of the things he told us to do in the short always gets a reaction in the theater, so I’m actually happy that we listened to that,” Skepta remarked. “There’s a specific beat, and every time everyone laughs and I’m like, ‘F**k.’”

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