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Will Smith & Martin Lawrence Ensure Authenticity In “Bad Boys: Ride Or Die” Movie

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Will Smith has emphasized that “Bad Boys: Ride or Die,” the forthcoming fourth chapter in the beloved franchise, stands independently and is not just a celebratory return.

Speaking to Extra’s Melvin Roberts, Smith reaffirmed the movie’s merit beyond mere nostalgia.

“We agreed after ‘Bad Boys 2’ that we would never come back to this franchise without a story deserving of it,” Will Smith stated. “We wanted the movie to live on its own merits and not merely be a victory lap because people liked it.”

Will Smith revealed his and co-star Martin Lawrence’s dedication to crafting an authentic film experience.

“Martin, the first day on this movie, stopped me and said, ‘No, no, no—we’re not rushing through this one. We reached part four, so we are going to savor every second of it,’” Smith added.

Martin Lawrence echoed Smith’s sentiments by stressing the importance of authenticity.

“We didn’t want to put something out there just for a cash grab,” Lawrence said.

The actors, whose camaraderie dates back to their first appearance in the 1995 original “Bad Boys,” have maintained a strong friendship over the decades.

Lawrence spoke positively about Smith’s evolution as an artist.

“I’ve seen his growth from ‘Fresh Prince’ to movies and everything he’s accomplished. It’s really impressive,” he said.

Will Smith reciprocated the admiration for Lawrence’s genuine nature.

“Just with Martin, how absolutely honest and open his heart is, you know? It’s like there’s no faking in that dude. I love that he can be calm and firm and has no problem saying what’s true in his heart.”

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