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Drake & Camila Cabello Dating Rumors Clarified

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Camila Cabello recruited Drake for a guest appearance on her new album C,XOXO, which led to him creating a solo track for her. Cabello told Billboard how an Instagram DM resulted in him contributing to her upcoming project, which drops on June 28.

“He’s the f###### GOAT, so it felt like shooting for the stars,” Cabello said of messaging Drake on social media. “I showed him the album when I felt comfortable enough and he really liked it. [The feature] came out of a nontransactional place. He had this idea of a song called ‘Hot Uptown,’ and it just felt like I was in the city. I was in Miami.”

Cabello and Drake sparked dating rumors in 2023. The two were spotted together in Turks and Caicos. According to Cabello, they linked up to finish “Hot Uptown.” She previously referred to the trip as a “vacation plus some work.”

“I love him so much and I really listened to him a lot during my writing process for my album,” she said on the Call Her Daddy podcast. “And I really felt like he would like my album.”

Drake wasn’t content with recording one track for Cabello’s project. Her collaborator Jasper Harris said the Canadian star “wanted to do one more thing for the album.” The result was an interlude titled “Uuugly,” which will appear right after “Hot Uptown” on C,XOXO.

“Why does he have his own song? Because selfishly, I just want to hear Drake on my own album,” Cabello explained. “I love that for me — it’s like that rebellious mood. Who says I can’t do that? It’s Drake talking his s###.”

Drake, who’s trying to move on from his battle against Kendrick Lamar, won’t be the only Hip-Hop artist on Cabello’s album. Additional guests include Playboi Carti, Lil Nas X and the City Girls.

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