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Future & Even More Drake Reference Tracks Send Social Media Into Shambles

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Future is getting a taste of what Drake has been going through recently as a result of multiple leaks of artist reference tracks for their fan-favorite records making their way to social media.

On the heels of Drake being exposed for working with both Vory, who recorded the reference for “Mob Ties,” and PARTYNEXTDOOR, who laid down “Ratche Happy Birthday” for his 2018 Scorpion album, Future is catching heat for receiving help on his 2019 EP SAVE ME.

In particular, fans have uncovered video corroborating theories that artist-producer Bobby Raps crafted the melodic and hazy masterpiece that turned out to be Future’s “XanaX Damage.”

Though it’s clear from the official video above there were a number of tweaks made to the track, the main components of the reference track Bobby Raps recorded appear to still be intact in the version Future released. And going a level deeper, a user on Twitter pulled up receipts of Bobby Raps’ work on Future and Metro Boomin’s WE DON’T TRUST YOU collab album in the form o co-writing and production credits for a number of records.

“we still don’t trust you out now thank you for believing in me Pluto… appreciate you always I helped with Drink N Dance, Luv Bad B######, Mile High Memories and Beat It,” Bobby Raps wrote in an Instagram post last month.

Does the fact that Future himself even “hired some help” to “get rid of you n###as” change the way you view him as an artist? Or is the Drake ghostwriter effect a double standard that doesn’t affect Pluto and only Drizzy?

Check out the reference track below.

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