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Latto & GloRilla’s Hilarious Dance Battle Spills Over Onto Social Media

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Latto and GloRilla showed off their competitive sides in a dance battle backstage on Megan Thee Stallion’s Hot Girl Summer Tour. 

The trio was vibing following the “Sunday Service hitmaker’s guest appearance at the Atlanta tour stop. However, things got serious when Meg and Glo’s “Wanna Be” came on, kicking off a dance battle between Latto and GloRilla.  

Megan shared a clip from the battle on Instagram in a video recap of the night. 

“Glo, I don’t know friend,” Megan said in the voiceover. “It look like big Latto finna eat your ass up b####.” The H-Town Hottie gave Latto the win after she put on a Dior durag and got her “manilla vanilla clappas” out. 

“Glo, I really just think y’all gone have to have a muthafuckin rematch,” Megan added. “She definitely ate you up friend. And she left the rag on your head? You about to let Latto do you like that, Glo?” 

However, GloRilla refused to concede, claiming she only lost to Latto because she had heels on.  

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“Latto didn’t win dat dance battle let’s be fr,” GloRilla wrote on X (Twitter).

“Who gone tell her????” Latto replied before Megan stepped in again. “I think yall need a rematch,” she said. Nonetheless, Glo and Latto continued to debate the winner. 

“Who won yall??? Bffr!!!!” Latto wrote alongside another clip of her battle with GloRilla.  

“I clearly won,” Glo jokingly clapped back. “She did da same twerk twice & I had heels on yall kissing ass cause if I woulda start twerking I woulda got eliminated.” 

It’s not the first time Latto and GloRilla put their dancing abilities to the test. Both ladies participated in a twerk-off following Meg and Glo’s “Wanna Be” remix.  

Meanwhile, Latto and Megan Thee Stallion had another surprise for fans on the Hor Girl Summer Tour. They previewed Latto’s “Sunday Service” remix featuring Meg, due to arrive on DSPs later this week (May 7).  

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