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Travis Kelce Says He’s ‘Living the Dream’ in ‘Good Morning America’ Interview Teaser

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For a three-time Super Bowl champion who’s dating one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Travis Kelce is doing exactly as well you’d expect. In a new teaser posted two days ahead of his Thursday (June 6) Good Morning America interview, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end had a simple but enthusiastic answer when asked by the show’s Will Reeve how he’s doing: “I’m living the dream, baby.” 


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The teaser also hints that the sit-down interview will touch on Kelce’s romance with Taylor Swift as well as his football prowess. Plus, he’ll answer the question, “What does Travis Kelce want you to know?” 

At the end of the 16-second clip, the Ohio native says the talk show’s iconic catchphrase: “Good morning, America!” 

The teaser comes just a few days after the athlete visited the White House with quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the rest of his Chiefs teammates — even kicker Harrison Butker, despite his condemnation of President Joe Biden in his controversial Benedictine College commencement speech in May — to celebrate their 2024 Super Bowl win. On Wednesday’s (June 5) episode of New Heights, Kelce opened up about the outing, revealing that the Secret Service warned him not to go near the POTUS’ podium again after pulling the same stunt one year ago. 

“They weren’t too happy with me,” he said on the podcast, laughing. “[They said,] ‘You know, if you go up to that podium, we’re authorized to tase you. It is actually an order for us to tase you.’” 

Even so, Kelce still got to approach the podium that day, as Biden ended up personally inviting him to speak into the microphone. “My fellow Americans, it’s nice to see you all yet again,” the football player said at the time before addressing the chief of state directly. “I’m not gonna lie, President Biden, they told me if I came up here, I’d get tased. So I’ma go back to my spot.” 

“I had no idea President Biden was going to ask me to come up and let me have my moment,” Kelce recalled on New Heights. “If I would’ve did something real fast or real quick … I was in my head. I’m like, ‘Dude, I’m about to get f–kin’ tased. They warned me!’” 

Watch Kelce talk about “living the dream” on GMA and open up about his recent White House visit on New Heights below. 

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