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Lil Wayne Speaks On Fan Request For ‘Mona Lisa’ Performance

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Lil Wayne won’t perform one of his rare deep-cuts featuring Kendrick Lamar, and it’s not what fans may think. At a recent concert, Lil Wayne addressed a fan’s request to see him perform “Mona Lisa” featuring K. Dot. But rather than address the bivouac elephant in the room, being that Kendrick and his protégé Drake were just involved in a fierce rap beef, Weezy spoke candidly, which in turn, created a moment that highlighted both his humility and dedication to his craft.

“People in front, listen, listen,” Lil Wayne said in part. “This is the second time I seen this within my last three shows. Somebody had a sign that said to do ‘Mona Lisa.’ I’m not sure if that means you, if y’all said y’all real Lil Wayne. So if you real Lil Wayne fans, do you know I don’t know the lyrics to my s###.”

As he continued, Wayne explained that there was more too the situation than just taking the time to perform the record—at least on his end.

“Do you know how hard that f###### song is, girl? You know what I mean?” Wayne continued, highlighting the difficulty of performing the song live. “I don’t like to rap the words, but I’m going to learn that s###. I’m going to learn it. I’m going to learn. I got you.”

Among his many songs, “Mona Lisa” stands out as a particularly challenging and noteworthy track. Released on September 28, 2018, “Mona Lisa” features Kendrick’s guest verse and was produced by Infamous and Angel “Onhel” Aponte. The song, part of Lil Wayne’s critically acclaimed album Tha Carter V, is widely considered a storytelling masterpiece that explores themes of deceit and betrayal through a gripping narrative. With intricate verses that weave a tale of a femme fatale, the track showcases Wayne’s lyrical prowess and storytelling ability.

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The track “Mona Lisa” is renowned not only for its compelling story but also for its technical complexity. The song contains a staggering 94 bars, divided between Lil Wayne and Kendrick, with each artist delivering intense, rapid-fire verses that leave little room for error. Some of the lyrics that stand out include Wayne’s opening lines, “I got a story to tell, you know that I cherish these/Hop up in the coupe and I vanish.”

Despite the challenges of performing such a lyrically dense track, Lil Wayne’s promise to his fans was clear. Not to mention one could conclude that Wayne doesn’t have a dog in the fight concerning Drake and Kendrick’s conflict, despite his close relationship with Drizzy.

“This is for her and for the ‘Mona Lisa’ lovers. But this ain’t ‘Mona Lisa,’ but this for y’all. Let’s go,” he concluded, offering a different song in place of the requested track, but ensuring his audience felt appreciated and acknowledged.

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